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Uptown History...

On May 19th, 1889, the first baby was born in the newly formed Oklahoma City. She was proudly named “Oklahoma Belle Cunningham”, and—in 1912—she married Lawrence “L.L.” Cheever. In 1927, Oklahoma Belle began her flower career selling roses from her backyard to help with family finances. When L.L. became unemployed during theGreat Depression, the flower business became the family trade.

In 1938, the Cheevers moved into Belle’s family home on Hudson Avenue and purchased the property from her grandmother. They added a stylish Deco storefront--built of limestone and black glass with huge plate glass windows and terrazzo floors. The Cheevers also procured a 20-foot flower display cooler from Chicago. All the while, they lived in the back portion of the original Victorian house. Cheever’s flowers continued in this location until the mid-nineties and served as the home to three generations of Cheevers.

The Cheever’s Building was sold in 1998 to a young woman from Louisiana who had a short life as a French Cajun restaurant before Heather and Keith Paul purchased the building in 2000. Much of the original property remains as it was years ago. The flower case still sits as the centerpiece of the storefront—now displaying a variety of desserts and wine bottles. The back portion of the house has been converted to business use--including a private dining area, while the front houses a bar and wine case as well as the original terrazzo floors. Cheevers Café proudly retains the name of the family that made the location a part of Oklahoma City history, and we thank you for sharing in its present and future.  

A Good Egg Dining Group...

So what's a good egg? Well, we are food people. From the inside out. Founded by Keith and Heather Paul, A Good Egg Dining Group creates unique tastes and memorable dining with every one of our Oklahoma City restaurants. That's how we bring good food (fantastic food, actually) to other food people just like us. But we also take pride and joy in delivering true hospitality. We think it's, well - just plain goodness. So if you can feel that love of food and comfort in our restaurants (from our people to your plate) then we have been good eggs, indeed.